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Undercoating/Oil Spray in Dundas

Protect Your Vehicle from Salt!

At Hayes Detail Shop in Dundas, we offer a Undercoating/Oil Spray Service to help protect your vehicle from road conditions during the winter. We understand that vehicles are a large purchase of our lives and it is best to protect your investments. We use a Amber Dripless Oil Spray, making sure oil doesn't drip after you leave.

This service should be preformed once a year

oil spray service

What is Undercoating?

Undercoating is a protective coating applied to the underside of a vehicle, typically on the chassis, floor pans, and other exposed metal components. The purpose of undercoating is to provide a barrier against rust, corrosion, and damage caused by road debris, salt, and other environmental factors. It acts as a protective layer that helps prevent the formation of rust on the metal surfaces of the vehicle's undercarriage.

Undercoating is especially beneficial in regions such as Ontario where road salt is used during winter months to melt ice and snow, as salt can accelerate the corrosion of metal components. The application of undercoating can help extend the lifespan of a vehicle by preserving the integrity of its undercarriage and reducing the risk of rust-related damage. 

Where Do We Spray?

  • Full underneath of the carriage

  • Inside any Subframe or Body

  • Inside Rear quarter panels

  • Inside rear trunk/tailgate

  • Suspension components

  • Door latches and hinges 

  • Brake lines / Gas Lines

  • Behind front fenders

  • Any exposed metal

  • Inside wheel wells 

  • Underneath hood

  • Inside Doors

rust protection

*Please note that after taking delivery of your recently oil sprayed vehicle, overspray can land on your exhaust, causing it to burn off and/or smoke within 30 mins of driving. Also with us using a Amber Dripless Oil Spray, there are rare incidents where oil may drip due to bad weather such as Rain or Snow. Holes do need to be made in order to spray inside of the door and rear quarter panels, we do plug the holes with a plastic cap to help from water getting inside. IF YOU DO NOT WANT HOLES, please let us know.

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