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Hand Wash

Exterior Detailing Dundas

"We Make Your Ride Shine"

At Hayes Detail Shop in Dundas, we understand the importance of driving inside a clean vehicle. There is something special when you get out of your car, start to walk away, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot help but resist the temptation to look back and appreciate a nice clean exterior. When you are a detail freak like us, it never gets old.

Exterior Wax

What we Offer?

We offer different options to have your exterior detailed. Whether you just want a basic Exterior Wash or level it up and get our Exterior Wash + Wax Treatment. The Wax Treatment will help water to bead off making it easier to wipe down or blow the water off. If you are looking to restore your paint and remove swirl marks or scratches, click the link below for our Paint Correction options to bring your paint back to life.

Exterior Wash + Wax Treatment

What's Included? 

  • Exterior Hand Wash

  • Front Bug Removal

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Shine Chrome Fixtures

  • Exterior Windows Cleaned

  • Tire Shine Applied

  • Black Trim Shine

  • Hand Wax Treatment

Ceramic Coating spray

Ceramic Spray Coating upgrade available. This option will help keep your vehicle bead water off even longer.

Is your vehicle already Ceramic Coated? This service will help restore your coating. 

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Service

Link here to learn more

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