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Paint Correction Dundas

Goodbye Swirl Marks & Scratches

Is your car lacking the sharp, clear look it deserves? Frustrated by swirl marks and light scratches? Say goodbye to those imperfections with our paint correction service at Hayes Detail in Dundas. Let us transform your car's exterior, bringing it back to a showroom-like condition.

Paint correction before and after



What is Paint Correction?

Unlocking the true potential of your vehicle's finish, Paint Correction is an intricate process involving the elimination of surface defects, swirl marks, water etching, and minor scratches, accomplished through the application of cutting-edge refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives. While it demands time and labor-intensive dedication, the end results are nothing short of spectacular, making the meticulous effort entirely worthwhile!

Paint Correction
Paint Correction Pricing & Stages
  • 1 Stage $299 (Minor Scratches) – Includes Hand-Wash Plus Decontamination, Claybar, Compound 1 Stage Scratch and Swirl Remover (Minor Scratches) – Wax

  • 2 Stage $499 (Med Scratches) – Includes Hand-Wash Plus Decontamination, Claybar, 2 Stage Compound & Polish, Light Scratches / Swirls Removed, Some Deeper Scratches Removed – Wax

  • 3 Stage $699 (Major Scratches) –  Includes Hand-Wash Plus Decontamination – ClayBar, 3 Stage Compound & Polish, All Light Scratches Removed, Most Deeper Scratches Removed, Glaze Application, Sealant

 🚨 PLEASE NOTE: Deep signaler scratches require wet sanding, plus more time buffing and polishing, as we do offer wet sanding, please allow us to review your vehicle for a proper quote. Also know that Paint Correction does not include any paint touch-ups or fix any paint that is scraped away. Please bring a matching paint stick from your dealer for us to apply. 🚨

What does our Paint Correction Include?
  • Pre-rinse which helps agitate dirt and debris prior to washing

  • Hand wash with our neutral pH balanced soaps​​

  • Remove road tar, bugs and sap

  • 2 stage decontamination process on all painted surfaces

  • Remove surface contaminants with a safe wipe down

  • Clay bar to remove all contaminants

  • Buff and machine polish exterior paint

  • Multiple step passes if required and part of package

  • Clean and wipe down all glass plus exterior mirrors

  • Clean and dress wheels, tires and rims with shine

  • Clean door jambs  (doors, trunk, and gas door)

  • Final walk through and inspection of all surfaces

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