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Glass Protection Coating in Dundas

Protect Your Glass with Aquapel

Elevate your driving experience with Hayes Detail Shop in Dundas, where we proudly offer Aquapel Glass Treatment services. Our Aquapel treatment creates a hydrophobic shield on your vehicle's windows, enhancing water repellency and significantly improving visibility during adverse weather conditions. Say goodbye to obscured views through rain-soaked windows as Aquapel ensures rainwater beads off effortlessly, providing a clear and safer driving experience. With our commitment to top-notch detailing services, Hayes Detail Shop invites you to explore the benefits of Aquapel Glass Treatment for a ride that shines both in appearance and safety.


What is Aquapel Glass Treatment?

Aquapel Glass Treatment is a cutting-edge hydrophobic solution that enhances visibility by repelling rain, snow, and slush from your vehicle's windshield. Applied as a durable coating, Aquapel promotes water beading, ensuring a clearer and safer driving experience. Experience improved vision in inclement weather with Aquapel Glass Treatment, a revolutionary shield for your car's windshield.

What are the Benefits of Aquapel?

  1. Water Repellency: Aquapel creates a water-repellent coating on the glass, causing rainwater to bead up and roll off the surface. This improves visibility during rainy conditions, as water droplets are less likely to obstruct the driver's view.

  2. Improved Visibility: By reducing water residue and promoting the shedding of rain, snow, and sleet, Aquapel helps maintain clearer visibility. This can be particularly beneficial during inclement weather.

  3. Durability: Aquapel is designed to provide long-lasting performance, often lasting for several months before reapplication is necessary. The durability of the treatment contributes to sustained water-repellent effects.

  4. Easy Application: The application of Aquapel is relatively straightforward and can be done by the vehicle owner. The product is usually applied in liquid form and requires minimal effort to ensure uniform coverage on the glass surfaces.

  5. Enhanced Safety: Improved visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions, enhances overall driving safety. Aquapel's water-repellent properties contribute to a clearer view of the road, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by impaired visibility.

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